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One of the most active stories of the day has been that of visitors to GM's "Make Your Own Tahoe Commercial" site creating irreverant works, like those some Jalopnik readers did back when we first posted the link. Would-be parodists have fired at the Tahoe from several directions: environmentalists tweak its size and gas mileage showing, while unaffiliated wiseasses use the demonstrative-asshole or penis-envy angles. The obvious conclusion is that GM's online viral ad campaign has backfired on the company, subverting its messaging and possibly even damaging the Tahoe's brand. But what if it hasn't? What if it's become one of the most successful online campagns ever launched?

Why? First, it's allowed SUV haters — who'd never even consider a Tahoe — to blow off steam in a venue of GM's choosing. Second, it's provided GM free with free, irreverent, self-deprecating content that may serve to improve (yes, improve) the Tahoe's image among demographically desirable 'Net users who live for that kind of thing. Third, it's gotten thousands, if not millions of viewers, to watch Tahoe commercials at will. Net gain, Chevrolet.

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