A Ferrari F40's Sound Is Best Described Like This

Supercar Driver is a great club in Britain and two of its members just took out a yellow F40 and and a matching Porsche Carrera GT for a nice drive in the countryside. Prepare your headphones.

It's the first episode of their four part series titled 'Analogue Supercars', and it sure doesn't get more analogue than the twin-turbo Ferrari from the eighties or the only V10-powered street car Porsche has ever built.

Both of these mid-engined supercars were produced in relatively high numbers compared to other limited edition Porsches or Ferraris, yet they are a very rare sight outside of car shows. Luckily, these guys understand their mission and drive them as much as they can.

I must say, yellow goes really well with Welsh B roads...

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Would it have killed Ferrari to just keep producing the F40, exactly as is, forever? Price it at about 200k and sell it as their trackday darling. Omega puts out the same Speedmaster since the mid 60's, and it sells like crazy. In the same way, I don't think this car needs to ever be updated.