The Toyota C-HR = Profit

Toyota displayed its hybrid puppy known as the C-HR at the Paris Motor Show, and here's how it's money in the bank already.

Toyota's Euro boss Karl Schlicht made sure that everybody gets the message about Toyota being hybrid, and hybrid meaning Toyota. Then, he went further, explaining that when it comes to short distance traveling, Toyota is more about electric drive, then comes hybrid technology and hydrogen as the final solution.


Ten minutes later and 30 feet away, Lexus was talking about how their V8 in the RC-F is more powerful than cold fusion. Same company, different target group.

But here's how the C-HR hybrid is a hit:

  • It's a crossover, and people buy crossovers.
  • It's a hybrid, and people buy hybrids.
  • All they have to do is fit it with normal tires.
  • Plus/or put a Lexus badge on it, charging double.
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That's a good puppy.

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