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• Pontiac's building excitement. And some people say it has 270 horses...a 3.9 L V6...and more aggresive styling. All we know is we call it...the GXP. [Auto Spies]
• Forget Snakes On A Plane! In Florida, they've got Snakes In A Car! [ABC News]
• It's Crazy Art Car Parade! It's crazy, it's arty, and they're cars in a parade! Now why don't you give us some candy? [2theadvocate]
• Detroit, meet Craig Jackson. Craig Jackson, meet Detroit. You too play nice now, ya hear? [Freep]
• Buy a house...get a Benz! [Freep]
• Maybe Delphi shoulda taken the deal; Fourteen US plants to close...more information expected later today. [Detroit News]
• January print spending by auto advertisers plungin' lower than Lindsay Lohan's neckline. [ADAge]