What's The Worst Weather To Ever Hit A Race?

As it stands right now, we may actually see an actual, real-life, goddamn typhoon hit the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix. If that's not potentially the worst weather to ever slam into a race, then I'm stumped.


F1 races, especially, are exciting when the weather gets bad. You can't see anything at all. Because of the sheer lack of grip, the cars need to slow down. But when they slow down, their fancy aerodynamics don't work. And when their fancy aerodynamics don't work, they have to slow down even more.

But if they want to win the race, they can't slow down at all. So you end up seeing fantastic feats of driving, and you learn who are truly the heroes, and who merely show up to play.

Ayrton Senna, obviously, was the best at that game. Up top you can see him at a race in Australia where he, of course, was dominant.

We've had a few dry years in F1, which makes me sad. But F1 races aren't the only races in the world, and there are plenty out there with truly heinous things pouring down from the heavens.

What race do you think had the worst weather of all time? Let us know in the comments below!


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