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The Jalopnik editors' car ownership proclivities have recently come to light, thanks to a few eagle-eyed readers. We're almost all busted: Davey's got a Durango, Farago (who used to drive a Porsche Cayenne) carts the kids in a Honda Odyssey, Wert (more about him later) prowls Dee-troit's mean streets in a Jeep Liberty, and Spinelli... Wait, what does he drive? Oh yeah, he's never revealed it. That being the case, we've got a two-part request. Part One: What do you drive? Send in (to the make and model of your ride, whip, daily driver, junker, ex—cop car, weekend cruiser and trailer queen. We'll tally and post the results. Part Two: What does Spinelli drive? [You'll never get it — ed.] We'll award a prize of some value to whoever comes the closest to guessing what the Jalopnik editor parks (on the street) in front of his ghetto-fabulous residence. Commenters, you can use the comments. Good luck!