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So yesterday, we (and a bunch of you) got all up ons with the Porsche, Bus and Beetle Selectas, creating some atrocities in the process, as well as some snappy custom VW classics. Then we got all kinds of wrong and hipped all y'all to Create-A-Ride, which prompted endless minutes of wrongheaded design decisions culminating in drag racing and hittin' switches while being chased by the police. Now we're back in the realm of good taste with the Type 3 Selecta, with all the Fastbackin', Squarebackin' and Notchbackin' action you can shake a stick at. Get to selectin', kids. [Thanks to Dave for the tip.]

Type 3 Selecta [t3d]

Ach! Select a Bug, Bus, Porsche; Recipe for Badness: Create-A-Ride [Internal]