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We were introduced to Jonny Lieberman by a girl who could rebuild the top end of a motor and suck a golf ball through a coffee straw. We highly recommend her. In fact, our first meeting occurred in mixed company in a bar where women removed their clothes on a stage. Needless to say, Jonny's good people. It's also rumor'd that he may be Satan, but that's neither here nor there, is it? Apparently, Farago thought pretty highly of him, too, becuase he's unleashed Lieberman on Jeep's decision to build a non-Trail-Rated utelet.

Sayeth the Loverman:

"While it's true that current Jeep buyers don't climb every mountain or see a stream and automatically think there's a ford in their future, they find their Jeep's untapped capability endlessly reassuring and secretly thrilling— like a condom in their wallet or America's nuclear arsenal. The Compass reveals a radical change in Jeep's marketing strategy, an attempt to court "non-traditional buyers." Or, if you prefer, they're chasing people willing to trade the actual, honest-to-God possibility of off-roading for the mere foggy idea of it."


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