Cadillac Names Its Flagship "CT6," Will Name All Future Cars CT#

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UGH. Cadillac's new flagship sedan — its beacon of stature and statement to the rest of the world — will be called 'CT6.' What's worse is that it appears the rest of the lineup will follow this half-assed alphanumeric system.

The announcement comes from Automotive News in this tweet.


Also worrying is that Cadillac has trademarked CT4 and CT5, as well.

Cadillac's new head honcho, Johan de Nysschen, is famous for that kind of renaming. He made his name at Audi (A_) then moved to Infiniti (Q_) and now it appears he's trying to pull the same trick on Cadillac (CT_).

The 'CT', if you're wondering, stands for 'Cadillac Touring.'

How exactly the CT6 will be marketed with a V8, I do not know.

Photo Credit: Jalopnik

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Raphael Orlove

Alternate headline:

Cadillac Sucks In Its Nuts, Names Flagship CT6