China Is Making Near-Perfect Fake American Driver's Licenses

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Good news, underage drinkers: China is making fake driver's licenses now.

The bad news is for those who are trying to catch fake licenses — these Chinese fakes are really good.


CBS Chicago reports that these overseas fakes are flooding through O'Hare. They're bought online in the US for about $150, produced in China, then smuggled into this country and back to the buyer. The video report shows them stuffed into tea sets and jewelry boxes.

The report asks the defining question of 21st century America, "is national security at risk?"


CBS wonders aloud if these licenses are good enough to get on a plane. The US Department of State replied that no, these counterfeits' holograms, while excellent, do not pass laser and ultra-violet light tests.

So if you're a college kid looking to get trashed, your next fake may come from China.

Photo Credit: CBS Chicago

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Ash78, voting early and often

Back in my day, we just asked a slightly older guy who looked a little bit like us to sell us his ID for $50 then he'd get a replacement for half that. You then shop for beer in the seedier parts of town where nobody really paid much attention or where they might be afraid of thinking that all (insert your race here) look the same.