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It's not like there has been a heckuva lot of good news on the supplier front, so when we see the headline of a story and it has the words "Lear", "suspends" and "dividends", we naturally kick our brains into "here we go again" mode. Luckily, we can set that feeling aside, cause this is one of those bright and shiny happy stories. We here at Jalopnik crave auto supplier bright and shiny happy stories. Especially because we so rarely see bright and shiny happy stories. This, luckily for Lear, is one. Basically, what's happened is Lear has been the subject of questions recently as to the liquidity of their operations. Lear set aside those concerns today after cutting their dividend payments on stock shares as well as receipt of approval on $800 million in loans to help refinance debt maturities a little early. And if there's one thing we at Jalopnik love more than bright and shiny happy stories, it's bright and shiny happy stories on debt maturities.

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