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• So first you give me the $50K, and then we get the oral pleasure? No. First you get the $50K and then you get a pay cut. [Detroit News]
• Seriously, we don't wanna push the "Worst-Ever" jokes, but this picture of Mark LeNeve could be it. [Freep]
• We are going, going - back to, back to - Cali, Cali. [The Auto Channel]
• Sioux Falls got their first taxi service. It's called "Project CAR," and it's to help old folks get to church. Geez, we thought Sioux Falls residents would be using it to get home from their thriving bar scene. [Keloland]
• Don't need no credit card to ride this train...oh can ya feel it? That's the power of...Ethanol. [Freep]
• Fleet sales are the new health care costs which were the new legacy costs which was the new black. [Detroit News]
• DADA, will you please get me a new Cobo, cause I wanna bigger Auto Show! [Detroit News]
• The White House is playing a new Card, and he's all about da HOG! [Wonkette]