Despicable Tyrant Says Putin "A Nice Guy"

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Formula One's billionaire muppet king Bernie Ecclestone recently discussed the upcoming Russian race at Sochi and gave with the most biting indictment of Putin I've ever heard: he called him "a nice guy."


"Easy to deal with, a nice guy," were Ecclestone's exact words. He also added that Putin is "trustworthy" and a "super guy," as Autoweek notes in this report on potential sanctions against Russia blocking its upcoming grand prix.

Bernie has previously stated he "completely agrees" with Putin's homophobic views and policies.

Ecclestone has most recently been in the headlines for paying off the German government to the tune of $100 million to get out of a bribery case.

Ecclestone has been a popular figure with the most desperate and most despicable governments in the world, happily taking checks to run races in everywhere from Bahrain during revolts to South Africa during Apartheid.


Put simply, if you get along with Bernie Ecclestone, you are a monster.

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Shooting Brake

My question is, when is the North Korean Grand Prix happening?

I mean, they have roads that are never used, cuz u know, North Koreans are poor as dirt, and only the gov had cars at this point.

(Cuba grand prix could happen to)