Holy Ponch And John! There's A New CHiPS Movie Coming

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Dax Shepard must really like CHiPS and really not trust anyone else's vision of the show, because he'll be writing, directing, and starring in a new film adaptation from Warner Bros. I think he'll be helping out with some of the lighting and assisting the grips, too.


Dax Shepard is possibly better known as a capable racer and driver, lover of vastly overpowered Lincolns, and that guy from Idiocracy (and some small, low-budget drama called Parenthood).

Unlike all those 70s-TV shows to comedic movies we were drowning in a few years ago, this take is said to be much more

in the tone of Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon than a comedy.

... which I guess makes sense, since the original show was almost like a comedy in hindsight, with the improbable driving and bizarre, convoluted circumstances, and the pack of 7-year olds happily flinging a massive LTD around while a skateboard jams the pedals.

Actor Michael Pena will be playing Ponch. I'm expecting there'll have to be at least one cameo from the original CHiPS team of Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox, but since it's supposed to be more of a gritty, hard-edged movie, maybe they'll be as corpses or something.

We should have the announcement of another project also close to our hearts that Dax will be involved with later this week.



Along with The Price is Right, CHiPs was a favorite show of mine to watch when home sick from school.