Which Car Is Most Mistaken For Another Car?

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I bet most of us reading this are at least a little proud of how well we can identify cars. From a distance, at night, while drunk, one eye covered with a slice of ham, whatever. But I also bet there's at least one car we're always mistaking for another.


I actually always like when this happens, because it either helps you see a particular car in a new light you may have missed before, or, even better, when you see a crazy expensive car and mistake it, at a distance, for some low-brow shitbox, there's a certain satisfying sense of forced class equalization.

That may be why I always get a little internal chuckle when I've been driving around LA and seen what I thought was a rather nice Hyundai Equus, only to realize a moment later that I'm looking at a multiple-body-part-priced Maybach.


Way to spend your money on a giant Hyundai, Rockefeller!

So what cars are you always confusing? No shame here, we've all done it!

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