The seller of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Trans Am claims it to be Grand, and to have the 'shift kit from hell.' It also has an older Olds mill, but is it priced to have you saying why the hell not?

I'm sure you've heard the old saw that one man's meat is another man's poison. That applies to cars too, and it's a hard task walking into one person's project and taking it on. Of course when there's three of them, it's okay, right?

That was the state of affairs with yesterday's Labor Day Labor of Love 1979 Jeep CJ5, which was offered as a package deal with two additional parts Jeeps. Fully 78% of you thought that the price was right for so many Jeeps you could drive a fresh one each day of a long weekend. If that is,if any of them ran.

Today's 1979 Pontiac Trans Am appears to be running, at least it seems to have made it as far as the middle of this motel parking lot. It's not just the same year as yesterday's main Jeep, it's also the same color - mostly.

In 1979 the top Trans Am mill was the 185-bhp 403-cid V8 220-horse 400 CID V8. That year was also the first for a refreshed nose and tail treatment, and a special model celebrating ten years of Trans Am production.


This '79 has the rhinoplasty, but it has dumped whatever stock motor it came with for what is described as a 350 R Olds out of a 1971 442. Now, as far as I know, all '71 442s came with a 455 mill, and so I think what the seller is really talking about is a Rallye 350. That car did have a 310-bhp L74 V8 displacing 350 cubic inches, but it was a 1970-only model.

Whatever, there's plenty more to like about this car, such as that shift kit from Hell. Do you think that Hell has free two-day shipping? How about a decent return policy?


There's also the description of the car having an all-leather interior. Again, I'm pretty sure these were vinyl inside, but looking at the pictures of the car in the ad, I'm just thankful it's not upholstered in human skin.

You see, this car looks a little rough. The orange paint is more faded than the career of an American Idol judge, and the dash is equally cracked and deteriorated. The hood scoop, which on a stock engine is attached to the air cleaner, has been unceremoniously screwed to the hood. Under that is the world's punkiest air cleaner, possibly off of a weedwacker.

Then there's those wheels. If you're thinking screaming chicken then you're most likely also wanting gold-painted snowflakes. You'll get none of that here as it rocks four black steelies, and as a matter of fact, the chicken has also flown the coupe. See what I did there?


The sellers, one of whom appears to be Santa Claus, are asking $5,500 for this Olds-powered Pontiac. Do you think they should get that? Or, is this a Pontiac that's a Trans am-not-going-to-buy?

You decide!

Dayton Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to NickW for the hookup!

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