Life Is Great So Here's A Hideous Ferrari Doing Burnouts In Monaco

Hideous Ferrari, you ask? Yes, a hideous Ferrari. It's a Mansory 599 GTB Stallone, and presumably it shares the name of Sylvester Stallone because it too likes way too much Human Growth Hormone, and is now exhibiting the facial deformities of acromegaly. So here it is in motion.


Because Mansory.


(Also, yes, I know "stallone" means "stallion" in Italian. But ya know what? It's not Sly's real name, either. It's true. His real name is Randy Shufflebottom. True story. I wouldn't make that up. Go to Wikipedia. I'll wait. Randy Shufflebottom, really. 100% FACT. many of you actually went to Wikipedia? LOL you guys. Everyone knows his real name is Don Rickles.)

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