The Mercedes AMG-GT Black Series Is Already Pounding Around The 'Ring

In case you were worried that Mercedes' new Porsche 911 fighter hatchback coupe-thing, the Mercedes AMG-GT, would be a bit slow, have no fear. The company is clearly hard at work already on a 'roided-up Black Series variant, as this video from the Nurburgring shows.


The guys over at Touriclips captured this AMG-GT with a fancy new wing on the deck, a deeper chin protruding from the front, and what appears to be a slightly lowered suspension absolutely storming around the Green Hell.

Previously AMG Black Series cars have been lightened and infused with MOAR POWAH, so yeah, that's basically what you'll see in this. And some suspensions. It'll have suspensions, too. Connects the wheels to the car and all.

I imagine it'll be slow. Very slow. Slow, definitely.



Since I started paying attention to cars about 30 years ago, I can't count how many times various manufacturers have been working on the next "911 fighter". The fact that they're still working on it tells you everything you need to know...

There is and will always be only one Porsche 911.