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What happens when a car company gives the public an open-for-all-to-post blog? You get a mess. That's really all we can say about 2TalkaboutHonda, the new Honda UK blog. (Hat tip to a gentleman in Auburn Hills.) We cannot believe the PR folks are happy about the way this one has turned out, with equal parts corporate blogoganda and posts reading:

"'2 Talk about Honda' - A confusing site:

Perhaps it is just me but I just cannot get to grips with the construction of this Site. There are obviously various subject headings but it seems to me that messages are not confined to one subject heading but appear under other headings as well...Your comments and advice would be appreciated, please."

But that definitely aint the worst of it. Here's another gem:

"Had my new Civic 2.2 ES for a round 12 days now, only had to fill up once, the fuel filler flap doesn t open unless i walk around and push on it first! A bit embarrassing at a petrol station. Has anyone else had the same problem? It s going back to the dealer today for an annoying rattle from the back at low speed, I ll see what they can do."

Yeah, we would think that would be embarrassing...if we could understand why. But you so should get the rattle looked at. Finally, someone posted their request for some help:

"Hi I am a final year university student studying for a BA (Hons) Marketing degree. For my dissertation I am looking into the relationships that purchasers of new cars have with both the manufacturer of the car and also the dealer."

Umm...wouldn't this website be a good example of a less-than-effective communications medium? Luckily it's still in Beta.

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