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• This is going from the world of silly to the world of serious. There are patents now from respectable companies like Pratt & Whitney and Moller to build flying cars. [Sacramento Bee]
• Volkswagen: Arriba! Arriba! Andel ! Andel ! [BrandWeek]
• We used to worry about people driving at the age of 71. Then we realized our mother was approaching said age, and we really don't want to drive her around. [News24]
• The Cars poster is up online. We think we can make out Optimus Prime in the back. [Ain't It Cool News]
• Louisiana is finally going to do something with all of those waterlogged cars. No, they will not be trying to sell them to you. Well, is "Brownie" running this one? [Reuters]
• GM is betting on midsize cars to boost sales in India. They're gonna sell 'em Chevy Tahoes. [Hindustan Times]
• A married couple seeks a world record by circumnavigating the globe using as little gas as possible. Words fail us. Especially because it's sponsored by Shell. [PRNewswire, [