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It's been eight years since Ricky Martin forever destroyed World Cup Soccer for us, to this day we still cannot hear the words "Copa," "World Cup" or "Soccer" without cringing. What hurts even more is that its totally killed our normal level of excitement over a special edition of the Volkswagen Gol hatchback.

This special edition, timed to coincide with World Cup Soccer, has the option of either a 1.0 or 1.6 litre flexfuel engine and more standard equipment than you can shake a shin guard at.


This is the fourth time Volkswagen has launched the "Copa" (Cup in Spanish and Portuguese) edition of the top-selling Brazilian Gol...

It also means that it's the fourth time we'll be forced to spend an entire day trying to get that damn song out of our heads.

Volkswagen isn't the only automaker out with a homage to World Cup Soccer, or looking to score a goal with a sweet advertising tie-in. Citroen is launching a special edition of the five-seat Xsara Picasso minivan, and they, Ford and General Motors all plan on dropping millions of dollars on advertising throughout the games.

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