What's The Best Car For A Teen Gearhead?

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That list of best cars for teenagers, while focusing on safe cars, offers little that would appeal to a teen gearhead. While we shouldn't give any 16-year-old who likes cars a new Ferrari, we can do better than a Ford Taurus. What's the best car for a teen car enthusiast?


No real guidelines here other than something that's affordable, somewhat safe, and approachable to work on and drive. I'm a big fan of the Volvo 240 pictured above because it's slow, RWD, easy to wrench on, and has a decent aftermarket community.


Patrick George

I don't have kids, but if I had one who's driving age, I'd get them a Mazda3 with a stick. It's fun, but not crazy enough to get you into trouble, and the stick forces you to learn to pay attention and drive the right way. Plus, they can fit a ton of stuff in the hatch for when they go off to school or whatever.