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What's Your Worst Experience Getting A Car Repaired Under Warranty?

Illustration for article titled Whats Your Worst Experience Getting A Car Repaired Under Warranty?

Sometimes dealerships make it easy to get your car repaired. Other times, not so much.


I've never owned a new car, so I've never had to deal with manufacturer-spec repairs. But I can imagine that the customer service involved in new car work could be, uh, lacking.

What's your worst story with trying to get a car repaired under warranty? All your stories, from getting your warranty claim denied, to wishing it had been are very much welcome. Let's hear your very worst.


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The first car I bought after graduating from the university was a 2008 Chevy HHR SS 5MT w/LSD. I waited for the factory Stage 1 upgrade to ensure my warranty stayed intact. I paid a Chevy dealership to install it. However, GM in their pre-bankruptcy wisdom thought it was smart to use butt connectors for the new wiring harnesses that went with the new TMAP sensors. The install process was essentially cut off existing connector, use butt connectors on new ones.

Install was a pain in the ass and went well. The car ran fine for the first couple months then exhibited issues with the sensors. The proper fix was to just solder the new harness on and ditch the butt connectors. So what did the dealership do? They just kept replacing everything from the bypass valve spring, the bypass valve, or said everything is dandy. Then they said the TMAP sensor needed replacing but they couldn't get the part and refused to order a new Stage 1 kit just to get the sensor out of it.

They replaced all of these parts while I told them exactly what the problem is and what should be done to address it. I didn't want to fix it myself because why the hell would I buy a new car, with warranty, and get the factory upgrade that retains the warranty so I could fix it myself. I brought the car to another dealership, they got the sensor, swapped it, things were dandy for a while. Ultimately the problem came back so I just fixed it myself while still under warranty.

That experience soured me away from GM which is why I refuse to buy another GM vehicle, despite the company making pretty decent vehicles nowadays. When I traded it in for a VW Routan for my wife, I was amazed at how much better the dealership experience at VW was. And now I have a Mazda 5 6MT, and the Mazda dealerships have been great as well.

So lesson learned, the dealership experience is what makes or break a brand in my mind, Chevy failed miserably for me, which ultimately turned me away from GM completely. I used to be a GM fanboy too.