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Porsche tuner Gemballa rolled out its 650-hp Porsche 911 GTR Avalanche last December, dressed in a sedate metallic silver that hinted not at all at what was to come next from the company's body shop. What that would be is a blood-orange paint job that can melt a naked retina at 50 paces. What's more, the Evo edition gets 20 inch matte-black racing wheels under Michelin 235/30 ZR 20s in the front) and 325/25 ZR 20s in the rear, an interior finished in Alacantara. and the same 3.6 liter twin-turbo mill producing 650hp and over 600 ft.-lbs of torque. Four-piston stoppers in the rear (eight-piston in the front) provide seemingly adequate stoppage. Protective eyewear, however, is the responsibility of the viewer.

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