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On this week's episode of NBC's "The Apprentice" the cast of prospective Trumps and Trumpettes, split into corporate teams Synergy and Gold Rush, were bid to create an event for GM's dealer-owners. The events centered on the introduction of the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe to dealers (back in October, when the show was filmed), while piggybacking on an online promotion of the Tahoe. Did Chevrolet get its money's worth? We have no idea, but we did get all blogosphere on NBC's and GM's asses. Click through for the play-by.

9:14 — Team Gold Rush members call around to find a putting green for rent. Someone mentions a horse and carriage. Theme for the day is "an experience of class." No one knows what that means. We go to the fridge for an iced tea.


9:15 — Team Synergy looks for the "big idea." Massages are too personal. Someone uses "synergize" in a sentence. They come up with a theme, "nature refined," combining luxury and outdoorsiness. Some manner of bitchy, self-satisfied woman whose name escapes us is pleased. Brent the Socially Awkward Canadian stuffs his face.

9:20 — Team Gold Rush's Event is in Hempstead park. A horse-drawn carriage rolls in. The Russian guy pisses off the help by making joke. The putting green has no grass. The Russian guy says, "Is not my problem." Lots of Chevy Tahoe banners. Russian guy says, "fock you!" Actually, he doesn't, but he should have.

9:23 — Team' Synergy's project manager describes the Tahoe as a luxury vehicle that's for outdoorsy experiences. Skeet shooting is on. The park doesn't allow skeet shooting, says a park official. Skeet shooting is off.

9:27 — (Synergy) GM Dealers arrive. Andrea the project manager is super annoying. Golf-cart racing, rock climbing, fly fishing. Chevrolet logos abound. They take a Tahoe for a test drive. Smiles all around.


9:29 — (Gold Rush) Gaggle of C-List Models has 20 minutes to memorize Tahoe's specs. They're impressed by the power liftgate. Dealers sip drinks while riding in carriages. The team's captain makes a quip about old-school horsepower, and the dealers' glazed expressions speak volumes. Carolyn looks unimpressed. The models can't operate the liftgate, and are clueless when questioned about the Tahoe's specs. "Does it come in two- and four-wheel drive?," one of the dealers asks? Blank stares. A comedian launches into a dick joke. Dealers appear confused. Worst. Event. Ever.

9:33 — Boardroom: Dealers felt Gold Rush lacked in product knowledge. Complaints about dick joke. Synergy comes out ahead in dealer satisfaction. "Nailed the Tahoe Experience," it's said. Synergy wins. Brent the Canadian, who never met an awkward situation he wasn't blamed for, or a deli tray he didn't maim, is safe.

9:36 — Tahoe commercial spot. Online tie-in with

9:40 — Synergy goes to Atlantis Marine World on Long Island to swim with sharks. Get it?

9:42 — Gold Rush employees maneuver for position pre-boardroom reckoning. Russian guy is pissed. Does not say, "fock you," but we wish he had.

9:45-10:00 — Boardroom: Bye bye Theresa.

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