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A reader from France sent us a link to his Flickr collection of shots from a Bug project he and his compatriots (the Flat Bangers crew of Brach) did in the early '90s. The Salty Bug, as it was named (bogue de sel?) was done up Bonneville style, with a chopped top and air-slippery wheel covers.

I scanned and uploaded a pile of pics taken 15 years ago when a bunch of friends decided to go barn door engineering on a lo-profile beetle dragster. The feasibility study was done on an Amiga 500 computer in my bedroom using a paint-like software. The finished product was intended to raise interest in nostalgia drag racing in a country France were all the available drag strips have curves and corners.

We don't know if he made the Salt Flats 130 mph club or not. Maybe the fleur de sel club.

More at Flickr and here.

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