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We posted earlier that cars with wonky suspensions could render speed camera photos unusable in Australia. Reader Chris writes in with another tip, although it mightily raises the vehicle's redneck quotient. Then again, that could be a plus for some readers. Click through for the tip.

Boat prop hitch covers work too.

While visiting the family farm, my brother and I bolted up an old hitch to the front of his Jeep and helped move some field equipment around the tight confines of the shop. When we returned to the camera happy wilds of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Az., I bought (On Clearance!) one of those prop hitch covers to put on the front. Like so much on my brother's 77' Jeep....what goes on, never comes off. (It's nicknamed the on the outside, red on the inside, and the backseat is the pits) brother noticed that when he would drive by those "Your speed is __" machines that it would put up astronomical numbers that rapidly fluctuate. 130+!!! Now a couple things here....Scottsdale and PV love the brother hasn't driven under the speed limit since the day he got his license...and he is driving a 77' Jeep CJ. We have driven by these cameras multiple times at extra legal speeds and ....nothing. Not one ticket received in the mail! Could it be that the machine can't make up its 'mind' and fails to take a picture?

That front hitch has come in handy....

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