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Acme Labs, the purveyors of fine freeware on the interwebs since 1991, has a neat little license plate graphic generator online. What's different about this fun little time-suck is that it allows you to choose not only the State, but also the year. That means that you can finally get a picture of that 1991 Ohio license plate that tells the whole world how you think "BUCKEYE" should really be spelled. Or you can use any old state and any old buggery joke. Actually, that's brilliant. Send in a license plate graphic you make off using the app (you have to attach the actual *.jpg for the plate, and not a link to the site) and the best and funniest will be posted here tomorrow. Send your name, your site if you have one, and attached graphic to

ACME License Maker [Acme Laboratories] —thanks to JRX for the tip!

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