Lawnmower Racing With Kimi Raikkonen Is A Hell Of A Lot Of Fun

Mumbly, Ferrari-driving warrior-poet Kimi Raikkonen is the oldest driver in Formula One at 34. Since he may be moving on from the sport after 2015, I have a great idea of what he should next: lawnmower racing.


Perhaps this is just my Texan-ness coming through, but this lawnmower race with Raikkonen and racers turned Sky Sports commentators Martin Brundle, Johnny Herbert and Anthony Davidson is just about the most fun thing I've seen in a while.


Raikkonen took on the three challengers ahead of today's British Grand Prix in Silverstone, a race that didn't end (or start) very well for him. And at the end of this stunt, he gives a mumble-filled interview about how happy he is to be at Ferrari.

But lawnmower racing though. Lawnmower racing. Kimi, you have to make this a thing. The events can be held all over the south, in New Zealand, or really any place where grass needs a-mowin'. It'll be great!

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We do actually know how many years he got left. He announced that next season will be his last in F1 this week.

He is looking to race in Le Mans and WRC.