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16-Year-Old Racer Wants To Be First Woman To Win Indy 500

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sixteen-year-old Savannah Rickli has been racing go-karts since she was seven, and she currently competes in a modified Mini Cooper. She just finished the dangerous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and wants to win the Indy 500 next.

Danica Patrick, you're on notice: Savanna Rickli is aiming for your seat. The 16-year-old has been racing competitively for nine years, and she likes it so much that she's aiming to win the Indianapolis 500. To get there, she's following the path many racers take — starting with karts before moving up to more professional events. She races at Colorado's High Plains Raceway in a heavily modified Mini Cooper and is sponsored by SCR Performance and Built By Bones.

This weekend, Rickli finished one of the most terrifying and exciting races in the world: the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, a one-way, 12.4-mile trip up Colorado's highest mountain. She finished the climb with a competitive time of 13:58.


"This is such a personal victory," Rickli told the Associated Press. "I've been waiting for this moment since I went to my first hill climb 12 years ago. I'm just so happy to be up here."

Rickli is aiming to become involved in more high-profile racing in hopes of one day being the first woman to win at Indy. It's a big goal, but she's obviously got big talent to back it up. [9News]