What Car Is About To Explode In Value?

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"Stop writing about that car!" you fine members of the commentariat often implore me. "I'm trying to buy one and I don't want the price to go up!"


For those of us pissed that the cars of the future will be electrified, autonomous panda-looking things, there's always the used market. Too bad some of our favorites are about to spike in value.

That's our question of the day: What old car, ancient or recent, is about to go way up in value?

I have a few suggestions. The future classic BMW 1M Coupe probably isn't going to get any cheaper. And thanks to the popularity of that generation's M3, all E30s have shot up in value to absurd levels. I sometimes see guys trying to sell shitty automatic 325e's on Craigslist for $10,000. Hilarious.

But for my final answer I'll go with the Porsche 914, specifically the rare six-cylinder 914-6. Those went unloved for decades, but now they're shooting up in price. Bring A Trailer recently highlighted one going for $62,500. Jesus! You could get a new Cayman S for that much!

Your turn. What car should enthusiasts buy now before they get too expensive?



BMW M3 E46s coupes with low miles and manual transmissions. It's possibly the most sought after M3 out there (maybe after the E30?), but most have been driven hard and rough. And coupes seem to be much harder to find than convertibles, and the SMG gearbox is largely considered to be junk.