Why Leaving A Window Cracked Will Still Cruelly Kill Your Dog

You have your dog with you, but you have to run into the store. So you leave him in the car with the window cracked, expecting it to be cool as a freezer in there. The problem is it's still hot as hades in there. And your dog will still die. The same for babies, children, and the elderly too.

This video from veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward is nearly two years old, but with summer coming on fast, it's a great reminder of why not to leave your dog in a car. Even if you leave a window cracked, a breeze doesn't get in. After just a few minutes, the temperature rises to 110 degrees.

That's torture for a dog. So think twice before leaving your dog in a car. It might kill him. And if it isn't good enough for your dog, it isn't good enough for your children. Remember that.


Hat Tip to Speedmonkey!

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For Sweden

You could not take your dog shopping, but that's a ridiculous idea.