Tow Truck Driver Swarmed By 'Thousands Of Bees' Hiding In Vehicle

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"I tried to load it up and all of a sudden there were thousands of bees everywhere," said Wayne, Maine tow truck driver Jason Small describing what had to be the guy's worst day on the job ever.


Don's No Preference Towing, the wrecking outfit Small works for, got a call to haul a truck away from the Wayne fire station parking lot yesterday. That truck had broken down Tuesday night.

According to the Kennebec Journal, the Wayne Fire Department thought they'd extracted all the bees on board so nobody bothered to warn Mr. Small what kind of black-and-yellow shitstorm he was about to hook his truck to.

As the wrecker lifted the bee truck, bees went everywhere and stung the hell out of the hapless trucker.

Small was taken to the hospital and given some pain killers, going back to work later the same day. Now the local FD is totally sure the bees are gone so don't sweat it if this is your neighborhood, I guess.

Image: Some random honey bees, photographed by Umberto Salvagnin/Flickr