Watch Rhys Millen Turn The Streets Of D.C. Into His Rally Playground

Global RallyCross is coming to our nation's capital this weekend, and to celebrate, Red Bull Hyundai driver Rhys Millen decided to use D.C.'s famous landmarks as a backdrop for some serious hoonage.

Millen blasts his way around the U.S. Capitol building, the Washington Monument and other notable locations before making his way to RFK Stadium, where GRC will take place this weekend. Lots of noise, lots of sideways action, lots of flying dirt. Good stuff.


I have to note that if this were an authentic D.C. driving experience, then Rhys would have inched through bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Beltway for two hours, then he would have had to dodge cabbies going 40 mph on Interstate 395, then he would have been cut off by a clueless hill staffer trying to send an email, then he would have made four passes trying to figure out which exit to take on Dupont Circle, and then he would have been stuck behind one of Obama's motorcades.

And then when he was done, we would have been like "I'm just taking the Metro next time," but when he goes to do that he has to wait 30 minutes for a train because they're doing line work.

I'm glad that didn't happen here.

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Red Bull Global Rallycross

Might we suggest that fans in the DC area come check Rhys and the rest of our stars out this weekend? We've still got tickets available at