Felipe Massa's Huge Crash Made A Spectacular End To The Race In Canada

The Canadian Grand Prix turned into a beautiful spectacle of competition, right up until the very end. An especially epic track battle was occurring just behind the race leader, between Felipe Massa, Sebastian Vettel, and Checo Perez, and it all ended in this absolutely massive crash.

It's still unclear exactly what caused it, whether it was a misjudgment from Massa or Perez, or if was something mechanical, but the good news is that both drivers walked away. Even still, both cars were moving at tremendous speed at the end of one of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve's long straights immediately heading into a turn, and this was the result.


Both Massa and Perez ended up in the wall, hard. And Vettel somehow managed to dodge both. He'll probably be thanking his lucky stars after that one.

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