Will The Sterling Owners In The Room Please Stand Up?

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Glad we riled up everyone with the ten car owners who won't shut up about their cars. But there are some car owners who are a little too silent. Where are the Renault Alliance owners? Volvo 780 Bertone?


Now, Sterling owners. Seriously, are there like 4 of you left? Let's all hang out, guys!


"Check out my Sterling 825 SL, brah!"

Oh, can it already. You Sterling fanboys are all the same!


I loved my Sterling 825... my favorite part was the door skins that would flap against the car when you hit bumps and the layer of dust you were covered with once you got to your destination.


Seriously, I want to hear all about your Honda V6 and Lucas electrics. Really, really.

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An uncle of mine *almost* bought one. He had been a Honda guy throughout his entire life. His first car was a first-gen Accord 3-door, which got him through college, and lasted almost 250k miles of moronic adolescent abuse. His next car was another Accord, bought in 1987. When he got a huge promotion, he wanted to stick with Honda, which was right around the time Acura and Sterling came to the U.S. He had heard of Sterling and the Honda power plant underneath the sheet metal. He was intrigued. He wanted a Legend, but the Sterling was quite a bit nicer (when new). He went with an Acura because the front desk girl at the dealership was cute, and he wanted to ask her out. He needed an excuse to go back to the dealership.

They've been married for 22 years now. True story.