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Lexus needs a suggestion on their shade of orange for the 2015 RC F, and I suggested Gillette Fusion HydraGel Moisturizing Orange. Believe it or not, car color names get even stranger than that.


That's our question of the day: What's the weirdest car color name ever?

1960s Mopar had some amazingly weird names, and most of them were awesome. Pictured above is "Curious Yellow," hilariously named after a controversial 1967 Swedish film. Even better are the names Chrysler supposedly rejected for some of their cars, according to Maxwedge:

Catch Me Copper

Unforseeable Fuicha

Statutory Grape

Gang Green

Well Red

Cost Of Living Rose

Fisher Body Rust

Hi-Ho Silver

Frank Lloyd White

Catch Me Copper. That's epic.

Your turn. What's the strangest car color name?

Photo credit German Medeot

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