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Watch Godzilla Choke On A Fiat 500L

Illustration for article titled Watch Godzilla Choke On A Fiat 500L

For the record, the Fiat 500L gets some good ratings in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's crash tests. That's not really mentioned here. In a tie-in with the new Godzilla movie, Fiat wants to show that its 500L can, in fact, withstand large reptile attacks.


In the ad that begins airing today, Godzilla is really fond of Fiat 500s. The Turbo, even the 1957 edition, are delicious. But going for the tall hatchback 500L Trekking is too much, because it's bigger, taller and harder to swallow. At least I think that's what Fiat wants us to take away from this ad.


I never know what to make of Fiat's U.S. marketing. You may remember the 500L from ads featuring Diddy/Puff Daddy/whatever in the desert. This spot is more ridiculous.

Photo: Fiat

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

Alternate headline:

Godzilla Gags While Deepthroating A Large Fiat