What's The Worst Racing Team Ever?

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As many great racing teams there have been throughout the course of history, like the Bentley Boys and the Mercedes Silver Arrows, there have been plenty of terrible ones on the trash heap. Most were underfunded, some were legally shady, and many were just plain bad.

When I first saw a similar question on Reddit's r/formula1, it got me thinking. You might consider a team like Minardi F1 to be bad, but in truth, they were just poor finishers. They weren't truly awful, despite their perennial status at the bottom of the Formula One standings. From 1985 until they finally called it quits in 2005 when they were bought out by Red Bull, they were in a constant struggle for cash. At times, I wondered what the point was. But they still managed to qualify cars for races, and they were generally known for being friendly guys and knowing how to make a damn fine cup of coffee.

No, to be bad, you've got to just be the worst. I'm talking cars that were mobile chicanes, deathtraps, or just good old-fashioned money-laundering schemes.


Know of any teams in all of racing that were well and truly terrible? Let us know in the comments below!

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Toyota's F1 team was pretty bad.