The Porsche 919's V4 Race Engine Sounds Incredible

When we first heard that Porsche was going back to Le Mans, we rejoiced. When we heard that their contender would be a V4 Hybrid, we were concerned. Well, be concerned no more. The 919 sounds amazing.


This footage is from a test at Paul Ricard where the 919 was going through a shakedown in the run up to June's 24 Hours of Le Mans. Instead of sounding like a wimpy wuss machine, the 919 has all sorts of manly noises emanating from it's exhaust pipe. Noises of welding, of trees being chopped down, ditches being dug.

Man stuff.

And compared to the silent woosh of the Audi R18, Porsche's gas powered wail will be a welcome addition to the 24 hour spectacle.

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Fred (FreddsterExprs)

All nice and well, but all we will hear is the glorious sound of the Toyota V8 when it blasts by. The Porsche V4 will be a nice side note, and the Audi will not be heard at all.