Is This The 2016 Chevy Camaro Or Something Else?

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Someone walking around what appears to be the Renaissance Center in Detroit captured photos of these interesting looking GM muscle cars that could different versions of the 2016 Chevy Camaro or something else altogether. UPDATE: For RealityTV.


Bunched around a platform in what we're guessing is GM's headquarers are three Camaro-type vehicles all wearing different badges. The red one appears to be a normal SS-style, while the blue looks like it has some sort of "ZXX" badging. The orange one seems a more Bumbleebee-style design.

Are these the new Camaro? Not exactly. The mirrors, as well as the fact that they all look different, point to non-production models.

We'd heard GM was bringing a few interesting vehicles to the upcoming New York Auto Show, so could these be design studies for the new Camaro? Transformers? Weird custom vehicles made for some other program? Your guess is as good as mine, though I've reached out to GM for an explanation.

UPDATE: GMAuthority reports that the cars are for the show Motor City Masters...


They were out on the street filming before that. Have some more pictures.