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Watch All The Spins And Action From The Worlds Best Car Event

The 72nd Goodwood Members' Meeting was all about the most gorgeous, rare and valuable race cars you've ever seen going flat out on a historic track. And it's all here on video.


Sir Stirling Moss said that the Goodwood Circuit is one of the best short racetracks in the world, and if anyone, he should know: In 1962, it almost took his life. The crash in his Lotus-Climax put him in a coma for a month.

Fifty two years later, I went around the Goodwood Circuit in a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead at a steady 40 mph with my hazards on (thanks to Ian Stevens!), but the day before me, quite a few people did the same driving much faster using even more valuable machinery.


When I said they pushed hard, I wasn't kidding:

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There is no better sight than a racing Mini powering by something twice its size.