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Mike Austin and Eddie Alterman, we adore you both. Y'all know that. And we like the way you've started usiing your blog; beating each other 'bout the head and whatnot. Backstory? Austin posted a bit on the Dodge Ram Mega Cab, relating it to a Merc Pullman. Alterman decried this as silly, busting out with "Perhaps chemicals from your Maxim-brand "Bleach Blonde" hair-coloring system have leeched into your melon. There is simply no way that Mega Cab you spoke of in such deliriously subjective terms the other day is worth the $54,540 Dodge is asking." (Which is even better if you imagine Alterman speaking in the dulcet tones of one Buford T. Justice.) Yeah, y'know, we're siding with Eddie on this one. Better luck next time, Austin.

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