Hark! The day has arrived! It has finally dawned upon us! The day you've been waiting for, for at least the past year, maybe more (?). U-Haul trucks are available at the I-80 Self Storage in Lincoln, Nebraska, once and for all.

And it might just change your life. If you live in Lincoln, Nebraska, and you need to rent a light truck for moving someday.

The Look

I-80 Self Storage, located at 1930 Fletcher Ave. in Lincoln (where else), has a long history of offering up places to store all of your things, for a very long time indeed. And, accordingly, it looks like a self-storage place. It's got lockers, garages, everything you could really ever need or want from a self-storage place. With such great prices, too!

The Sound

Like any self-respecting self-storage place of business, it is silent. Because if you are putting something away for a very long time that also happens to scream for hours every now and then, that would be a Bad Thing. But the U-Hauls themselves sound like the godly nectar pouring forth from the vocal chords of Echo, fit for nought but Zeus himself.


The Convenience

Not only is I-80 Self Storage coincidentally located so nicely on I-80, it's also accessible from two of Lincoln's most notable arteries, Highway 34 and Highway 77. You'll do none of the onerous searching and navigation like you would for some other self-storage places. No, you'll find this one in a jiffy.

But, let's be honest, who really gives a crap about location, besides real estate agents and you when you need to find a place to live? Let's get to the real nuts and bolts of the equation here. I'll just let the press release explain it:

There is no need to make multiple trips in the car to get belongings to storage when you can simply rent an affordable U-Haul truck or trailer that will safely fit everything you need to move.


One trip. One. Trip. You know how you are a goddamned hero when you bring in all the grocery packages at once, plastic and/or paper bags born aloft on your mighty arms of power?

That will be you, except when you are getting belongings to storage.

The Even More Convenience

Well this is just ridiculous. Look at all the features you get with your U-Haul at the I-80 Self Storage in Lincoln, Nebraska:

  • After hours drop-off.
  • In-store pickup for boxes.
  • Support rental items.
  • Towing equipment.
  • Rental trucks.
  • Rental trailers

You don't get none of that with a 2015 Ford Mustang. No support rental items, no towing equipment, and certainly no rental trucks. Eat your heart out, Ford.


The Pride

"U-Haul is proud to be partnering with a quality independent business such as I-80 Self Storage," exclaimed Mike Hale, president, U-Haul Company of Nebraska.

Well that's really all you need to know, about that.

I-80 Self Storage of Lincoln, Nebraska, you just hit yourself another goddamn home run.