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Back in the late-1980s UK, the books How to be a Wally and Superwally were published to great public enthusiasm. Tips and tricks? Picknicking in roundabouts. Drinking Carling Black Label. Driving a Cortina and/or Capri with go-faster stripes. But conceptual artist James R. Ford may have finally come up with something bridging the gap between the Americann Redneck and the Greater-British Wally (besides apparent missing link Davey G.). He's taken a Euro-spec Capri and begun gluing toy cars on it to create some sort of rolling General Lee mosaic. James, shoehorn a Mopar V-8 in there, and we're yours for the taking. [Thanks to Becki for the tip.]

General Carbuncle

Cargoyles? British Artist Recycles Cars, Makes Spooky Sculpture