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Blogger TripVlog, on his blog A Blogger's Blog (sounds like our kind of guy) published a letter sent from the Volkswagen organization (maybe you've heard of them). Apparently, VW is none too pleased someone registered the domain name Considering Volkswagen has trademarked the name Marrakesh, likely for its new compact SUV planned for 2007, the company is claiming infringement and wants the forward-thinking registree to do the old cease and desist. Here's an excerpt from the lawyers-in-love letter:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

It has come to Volkswagen AG's attention that you own and control the following domain. (

To avoid any conflicts, Volkswagen AG demands that you IMMEDIATELY cease and desist from all further use of the domain name and that you transfer the domain name to our company. If you fail to comply with these demands, please be assured that Volkswagen AG will vigorously protect its rights and will take all action necessary, including, but not limited to, bringing a claim for damages and/or injunctive relief.

Injunctive relief? Shouldn't the ointment we bought at the drugstore take care of that?

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