This Is Why You Don't Rubberneck

Nothing sums up what's wrong with rubbernecking than when a news team catches a multi-car wreck on camera while they're reporting on a different multi-car wreck on the other side of the road.


This double wreck happened Monday morning on I-80 in the endless beige that comprises the Sacramento, CA outer suburbs. California Highway Patrol officers blamed rubbernecking for the second incident.

Let's take this as another gentle reminder to stop fucking staring at accidents on the highway.

Watch the full video right here at CBS Sacramento.

(Hat tip to jackywacky!)


I learned the hard way to not to ever rubberneck. I was simply a passenger, so my attention did not need to be given to the actual task of driving. A collision had just recently occurred, dust still in the air from the off roaded vehicles. Since it was fresh, everyone was stopped, and after about 5 minutes, we slowly moved along.

We were in the middle of nowhere OK, and there truly wasn't anything to look at other than maybe a tree or two, and miles and miles of plains, so I looked to my left to see what the cause of all that dust was. Bad idea. No emergency crew had arrived yet. An 18 wheeler, and the remains of what used to be a car. All I can say was that it WAS NOT a convertible from the factory, and DID NOT originally come with red seats. What I saw did not look human, and I think that's what bothered me the most. This event occurred almost a decade ago, and I can never forget it.

To rubberneckers: Seriously?!? You people WANT to look at that? Now I know why NASCAR is so popular.