The IMSA Had To Be Right At The 12 Hours Of Sebring

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How incompetent race officials ruined the 12 Hours of SebringRoad & Track

Marshall Pruett on a particularly odd call at the 62nd 12 Hours of Sebring and the way the IMSA was going to be right.

In case you missed it, more than five hours of the 12-hour race were spent under caution for silly crashes, fires, and bonehead moves that came from on-track maneuvers and from inside the control tower.

Of all the tales to emerge from the second race in the newly unified TUDOR United SportsCar Challenge, the story of how Alex Job Racing's (AJR) No. 22 Porsche 911 GT America was penalized for contact with a rival car that it never touched will go down in Sebring infamy.

GM ignition-switch shutdown: It happened to meMLive

There are many people driving Cobalts and Ions and whatever out there affected by the GM ignition switch recall. Not all of them work for Detroit-area publications, but a lot of them might have bought one because they have GM in their families or because they got great deals or both. Is that a problem now?

I also picked the car because there were plenty of incentives — $2,500 was knocked off immediately. So, I went with my heart and wallet, but I am I now getting what I paid for?

I try to temper my reaction with a dose of reality. This problem appears to be rare and major recalls happen to all the major automakers. GM leaders seem to be taking the necessary steps to address the problem and they need to get it right.

But it's hard to trust the company after reading GM knew of the issue as early as 2001.


This American Bro: A Portrait of the Worst Guy EverVice

Don't be this bro. This, FJ Cruiser bro.

It is almost 9 AM on St. Patrick's Day, and he is on the Metro North train to Manhattan from some grassy, forgettable Westchester suburb. When he boarded the train he was carrying a case of light beer, but now it is on the floor, obstructing the aisle, in everyone's wayhis entire existence is in everyone's way. He is wearing a North Face fleece and sunglasses made of neon-orange plastic. He is pulsing like the mercury on a cartoon thermometer; he is ready to explode through the glass. It seems impossible for a human being to this much about recreation, to care this much about celebrating something so tiny, so contrived, but that is why he is alive. He will come, he will see, he will conquer. He will vomit out the window of a taxi. He is the American Bro.


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For Sweden

The only thing worse than the American Bro are people who get worked up about the American Bro. The worst thing after that is the people who get worked up about the people who get worked up about the American Bro.

This phenomenon is referred to as the Pyramid of Insufferability, and the American Bro only occupies the base.