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You know, when we first launched, we went on an Audi junket. And we got some crap for it, as Audi was our main advertiser at the time. But we reported on the junket-status of the trip to SF as much as we did on the car. We haven't been offered any since. However, we think our policy is a sound one. Junkets are a fact of life in this industry; you're wined, dined, and if you're lucky, 69ed, although we don't know if we'd wanna engage in simultaneous oral gratification with most of the press folks we've met (although the Ferrari models are another story). We promise you kids, if we ever get invited on a junket again, we'll continue to be upfront about 'em, if only to avoid Farago's wrath, because he surely busts it out in his latest TTAC editorial.

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