Chris Christie Doesn't Want The Blame For New Jersey's Tesla Sales Ban

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says it's the state legislature's fault that you won't be able to buy a Tesla from New Jersey showrooms starting April 1, following the passage last week of a rule against direct sales.

According to The Star-Ledger, Christie said Tuesday at a town hall meeting that he is just enforcing laws and said it's the state legislature that pushed Tesla out of the state.

I have no problem with Tesla selling directly to customers, except that it's against the law in New Jersey. What they were asking for was an exception from the law. I'm not the king. I don't get to grant exceptions to the law.


In Tesla CEO Elon Musk's letter to New Jersey last week, he alleged auto dealers "cut a backroom deal with the Governor to circumvent the legislative process and pass a regulation that is fundamentally contrary to the intent of the law."

But while Christie has sort of given his support for Tesla, there's no indication he's looking for a way to let the company sell cars in New Jersey again. He does want Tesla fans to turn their glaring to other elected officials, though.

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Ummm. Did the he sign the bill? Or did the legislature over ride the veto?